Scheme image
A combination that generates impactful encounters and contributes to solving community issues.
Relationship design
Based on psychology, sociology, and cognitive science, Nomado plants the seeds of curiosity and enthusiasm for the unknown.
Co-creation experience
A co-creation project based on empathy and active listening that fosters long-term relationships.
Multi-sensory digital installation
A multi-sensory digital installation that opens a "window" to a different world,
where you can enjoy real-time, low latency communication with life-sized partners,
as if they were right there with you.
Camera with built-in microphone
A camera installed above the screen with a built-in microphone creates an environment in which the viewer naturally speaks to the world beyond the window.
Screen in the shape of a "window"
A screen that reminds us of a window to another world
Short Range Video Projector
High quality (4K) and 1:1 ratio projector that allows any person on the screen to be seen in real human scale.
High quality videoconferencing software (LifeSize/TrueConf) to connect the installation locations online (or on an independent network, depending on location)
Installation Requirements
  • Quiet space with a minimum area of 10 square meters
  • Indoor flat area
  • Sufficient light