Creating relationships to revitalize tourism.

Tourism Association staff
Our city's charm lies in its people. We have created a single living space for the entire city, based on young people who share a similar vision, and offer the opportunity to explore and enjoy the area.
An Arab family visiting from the Middle East felt like a part of the town, despite the cultural differences and unfamiliarity with Japan. Thanks to the trust established through NOMADO, they extended their stay and they even promised to return next year.
Arab family traveler
When we travel, we want to have unique experiences that are not available to others. This was our first time visiting Japan, and we were worried about food and taking care of our family. However, our NOMADO experience before coming to Japan allowed us to become close to the locals and call them by their first names, which helped us open up about our concerns. It felt like finding another home on Earth. From now on, we want to choose travel destinations based on people, not just places.

Utilizing diverse communities for city development.

Municipal city development department
Although our city has a large number of international students, who make up about 1% of the population, the low post-graduation residency rate has been an issue. The situation began to change gradually after we used NOMADO to connect students before their study abroad with local residents and started holding workshops on a regular basis. The citizens eagerly look forward to the students' arrival as if they were their host family, and the students feel accepted by Japanese society.
Chinese international student
I chose a local city as my study abroad destination, rather than a big city like Tokyo or Osaka, because there are many foreign students, and also to get closer to the local community. Through NOMADO, I was able to deepen my understanding of each other's hobbies and cultures in advance with local people. I thought, "I am welcome here," and my anxiety about studying abroad turned into excitement. I can't wait to go to Japan again.

Making traditional crafts sustainable.

Japanese female company employee
When I was invited by a friend to a pottery fair for the first time, I discovered NOMADO, which allowed me to interact with the artists. I used to buy cheap dishes and replace them frequently without any attachment. However, after learning about the differences in products based on production locations and makers, I became interested in the differences between each item. I bought a cup from an artist I met at the pottery fair, and I want to use it for a long time. I am also thinking about buying another item if I have the opportunity.
Hasami-yaki ceramic artist
This NOMADO experience was a valuable opportunity to hear directly from customers about their wishes and feedback. Some customers purchase our products to support us after learning about our production process and philosophy, which allows us to establish a relationship where makers and users can see each other. I think we can use NOMADO to create fans who trust and love our products and continue to purchase them.